What takes a lifetime to achieve, can be lost in a moment. When God looks to do incredible things, He looks for people of integrity. If integrity is lost in any part of life, your entire destiny can be derailed. Upheld integrity will keep you whole, intact and deliver you from all kinds of destruction and collateral damage. if you desire greater things for your life, one of the most important qualities you will need for your journey is integrity. In this two part series, Steve’s insight will help you learn how to develop integrity that will hold firm under pressure.

Hanani’s Integrity
When God needed someone to rebuild the city of Jerusalem He chose Nehemiah, but when he needed someone to rule, He selected Hanani because of his integrity. Integrity attracts increase, favour and breakthrough to your life.
Spirit of Integrity
Do what you say, and say what you will do. Acting on your feelings is not as powerful or as reliable as simply doing what is right. Develop a spirit that combines righteousness with grace