How to Lead People to Jesus

Are there people that you love and care for deeply that you are praying for to accept Jesus as their saviour? Are there people that you are praying for that you would like to share your faith with? Would you like God to use you to lead friends to Jesus?

Whether it’s a co-worker, child, friend, acquaintance or stranger, Steve helps break down how to bring the good news of Jesus in three simple steps Observation, Conversation, Invitation.

The first message ‘Start with Hello’ based on how Jesus outworks these three principles which will help you to gain the confidence to start a conversation and quickly steer it to discuss important matters of the heart.

The second message ‘Invitation Explosion’ is a big part of the reason why more people are becoming Christians. Have you ever been rejected by someone? I have, and it is horrible. How did that make you feel? Each person has an invitation explosion inside of them.